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New Bake Shop Drop!

We are in the process of updating our videos and tips after the latest update to the game. Please check below for the relevant information and keep checking back for updates as they come available!

How to get a Whip Cream Bomb.

In order to acquire an explosive Whip Cream Bomb, all you need to do is match 4 pastries in a row! Match them horizontally, vertically or even diagonally!

How to get a Whip Cream Star Bomb.

If you match six pastries with at least four in a row you will create a Whip Cream Star Bomb! You can do loads of board clearing action with these bad boys!

How to get a Star Pastry.

Getting a Star Pastry isn't hard to do if you know what to look for before dropping a pastry. All you have to do is match at least six pastries! In this example we match 8 Cupcakes in a single drop.

Bake Shop Drop!

Match 3 or more groups of pastries consecutively to get a Bake Shop Drop. These are worth LOTS of points! Plus, every time you get a Bake Shop Drop your next piece becomes a multiplier piece.

Get higher scores!

Earn higher and higher scores by getting lots of Bake Shop Drops. Match pastries consecutively and plan out your drops to see your scores get multiplied!

More tips coming soon!

We are working to improve our players experience by offering some quick how-to videos for Bake Shop Drop. Check back soon to find more helpful tips!